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Henson AL13


Henson AL13

Henson AL13

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The Henson AL13 puts an end to shaving irritation and cuts, while also making your skin feel comfortable and smooth. We created this to give you a whole new shaving experience unlike any other. Your skin will feel amazing after using this razor. 
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Delivery Expectations
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• International: Orders on average take 16-21* business days to be delivered.
• 100 day satisfaction guarantee.

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Aircraft Aluminum
Jet Black
Steel Blue
Proudly designed, manufactured, and packaged in Canada.
Lifetime Warranty - pass it down from generation to generation.
Save The Environment - stop using plastic razors, use metal!

Designed for safety.

The Henson is designed to present the blade at the optimum shaving angle, with as little blade extension as possible.

We then set out to engineer a manufacturing process to meet the tolerances required, without compromising from the design.

The result is an alarmingly safe shave that eliminates irritation.

A baby smooth shave.
One pass. Zero irritation.

Skin irritation is totally avoidable.

Rather than cutting beneath the skin, the Henson AL13 shears the hair precisely at skin level.

Buy once. Use forever.

Made from aerospace grade aluminum, and manufactured at our aerospace facility in Ontario, Canada, our razor is built with the same AS9100 aerospace standards required to create satellite components.

We want the best razor, not the best razor business.

No subscriptions.
No proprietary blades.
No planned obsolescence.

The only chance for Henson to compete with the deep pockets of the big companies and bring this to the masses, is to create a razor so good that you can't help but tell your friends about it.

A smart investment for your skin
(and your wallet)

*Our razor works with any standard double edge blade you can buy almost anywhere (local supermarkets, shaving shops or online)

What people are saying about the Henson.

Extreme precision makes all the difference.

With a blade that only sticks out roughly half the thickness of a human hair (0.0013"), this razor eliminates all the unnecessary blade extension. This means less blade flex and therefore less chatter along your skin.

Chatter is what causes razor burn and irritation.

This razor is only possible to produce because of the lessons we learned from aerospace manufacturing the last 20 years.

What you'll get.

Henson AL13 aluminum razor

5 Pack of double edged blades*

Lifetime Warranty

*The average user will get a month's worth of shaving or more from the 5pk of blades included. Additional blades can be purchased from anywhere and it works out to less than 50 cents per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as the name suggests, safety razors are safe. Most users will find that in comparison to a cartridge razor, they experience far fewer nicks and ingrown hairs, and less irritation.
A 5 pack of RK Stainless double-edged razor blades are included with every purchase. This will provide the average shaver with 1 month of precision shaves. You also have the option of purchasing a pack of 100 blades which will last approx. 2 years for the average shaver.

After that, razor blades can be purchased in many locations such as the retailers found in our International Distributors section.
Our Razors are fully designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in Canada.
First, it's precision. By CNC machining our Henson razors (as opposed to molding or casting), and anodizing them for protection (as opposed to painting or plating), we are able to target and maintain specific sizes and reduce the necessary allowance so that critical features of our razors are kept consistent within a thousandth of an inch. This ensures a straight and consistently loaded blade every time, meaning that the blade is presented to your skin the same every shave!

Second, it’s the shortest blade extension on the market. Shorter blade extension means less vibration in the blade (chatter). Less chatter means less irritation and a better shave every time.
The only differences between the Henson AL13 and the Henson AL13 - Medium are the blade gap and blade exposure. These measurements are two major factors in controlling the "aggressiveness" of the shave. For finer hair and shaving areas other than the face, a milder razor is generally desired. For coarser hair, the aggression of our Medium razor may be more suitable.

Technical Details
AL13 - .68 mm [.027”] Blade Gap and .033 mm [.0013"] Blade Exposure
AL13 - Medium - .85 mm [.033”] Blade Gap and .058 mm [.0023”] Blade Exposure

You can find the Henson AL13 Medium here .
The handle is tapered from 12.25 mm [.482”] at the tail to 9.75 mm [.384”] near the head.

The overall handle length is 96 mm [3.780”].
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Steve V.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Good job guys

Like it should be. Shave like a pro!

Louis I.
United States United States
I recommend this product

The best razor!

Believe the hype. Precision, quality, and beauty. It’s mild and efficient for daily shaving without cuts or nicks. The weight feels good in the hand. It works best with thinner creams and soaps. This razor has given me the best wet shaves ever. I love it. I’m so glad that I purchased this and not some other razor. Also, customer service is great. I will be recommending this razor to friends. Good job Henson.

William T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Quality and Precision as advertised

I was impressed by the quality of the materials and machining of this product. As advertised, it provides a close and safe shave. I had used a double blade razor for 30 years and was happy with its close shave but the blades became very expensive. After a little trial and error to change in my shaving technique, I adapted to the new razor and can get the same close shave at a fraction of the cost for blades..

Nikola E.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Great Product

This is my first safety razor, I came from typical cartridge razors and under the impression that I would have to be extra careful not to cut myself, I however *** surprised at the quality of the shave and how safe it is, I use it so carelessly without any cuts, my skin already got used to it after a few shaves, really great investment

Troy F.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Great Razor

I have used twice on longer hair and stubble. Design is good for close shave with few nicks to my skin. Easy to change blade with handle so simple but also high quality and weirdly attractive. I was so hesitant buying a razor at this price but for years of use I am confident with my choice.

Doug N.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Change From Cartridges Easier Than Expected

Great product. Very well made - everything fits together perfectly. The tight tolerances come through in practice. I'm 54, and I've been using cartridges all my life, but I'd finally had enough of the abusive prices, and decided to go old-school like granddad :) I'm still perfecting the technique and learning the grain pattern of my face, but each shave is a little better. The design of this razor makes it simple to get just the right angle, so I can focus on direction and pressure. I have the mild version, and it feels like if I was going to have a cut or nick, I'd have to be trying to do it intentionally.

Jarrod P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Best shaving experience in my life!

I’m 39 years old and never shaved more than twice a week because of bad razor burn or my face getting cut up to ****. It did not matter what brand I used until I tried the Henson AL13 Safety Razor. It arrived September 17, 2022 and as of 9/24 I’ve shaved 5 out of 7 days with no razor burn. I’ll still get little nicks when I go too fast but this razor has been amazing. I highly recommend this razor especially pair with Dollar Shave Club’s shave butter.