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Every element of the Henson razor is designed specifically to give you a safe and smooth shave. When used correctly, you should experience very little (if any) irritation. The unique head design ensures the blade is presented to your skin at the correct angle -- in fact if you hold the razor off angle it won't shave at all. No need to master specific shaving techniques, it either shaves safely or not at all.

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when using your Henson.

Make sure you screw the handle into the top cap fully.

Make sure you fully close the razor by tightening the handle until it stops.

Not fully tightening the handle will result in more blade exposure and a different shave than the design of the Henson razor intends.

The bushing in the baseplate allows the handle to turn smoothly when tightening, giving you a clearer feel for when it stops and is fully closed.

Apply only mild pressure to your skin. The Henson is designed to present the blade near the bottom of your hair follicle, right where it meets your skin. You may be surprised by how little pressure you need to apply to get a good shave.

We have lots of customers that have actually used the Henson without any shaving creams or gels. We definitely recommend at least wetting your skin. If you would like to use a cream, gel or oil, please feel free. The head of the razor has exit channels that do a good job at easily removing hair and shaving cream when rinsed with water.

Rinse don’t bang.

As a result of the exit channels either running the razor under the tap or swishing in water is the best way to remove hair/creams. We do not recommend banging the razor against your sink or tub.