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Henson Shaving

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Building to the same Aerospace standards required to create satellite components, we dared to push the limits and see what an Aerospace manufacturing facility could do for a razor. By partnering with an Aerospace manufacturing facility we are able to provide consistent blade gap and blade exposure through machining to incredibly tight tolerances. Less blade exposure means less chatter. Less chatter means less strokes, less irritation, and smoother shave every time.


It’s all about cutting away and getting rid of the waste. Henson’s channel design allows many passes before rinsing and permits long strokes if desired. Say goodbye to your clogged up multi- blade razor and hello to a precise, clean shave.

Style + Function.

A flattened head and 30 degree shave angle helps shave hard to reach places like under the nose or ears. The end result also allows the Henson to stand on its own, keeping the handle out of the soap and water when shaving in the shower.


Our namesake, William Samuel Henson was a pre-Wright Brothers aviation engineer and inventor. Henson invented the modern form of the razor, the ’T’ shaped safety razor, and patented it in 1847. While a major improvement on the previous form of the safety razor, additional improvement was needed to make safety razors common and useable for everyone. In 1901, Gillette combined Henson’s T-shaped safety razor with disposable blades, and produced the modern razor.

Since the early 1900’s the Safety Razor has remained relatively unchanged and the market has more recently become flooded with manufacturers wanting to jump on the eco-trend with nearly all sending their manufacturing overseas.