The Perfect VIP Gift

A personalized Henson razor is a unique and eye catching gift that will stand out to your special VIP guests. A customized, engraved razor will be a constant reminder of their exceptional stay at your hotel, potentially for a lifetime.

The Henson is a gift that will leave a lasting, daily impact on their lives where something like a bottle of wine will soon be forgotten.

Testimonial from the GM of the Soho Hotel
David Kelley
Unparalleled Quality

For the past 20+ years, we've been making complex parts for satellites. Now we've taken that experience and machined a razor that is exceptional in both design and quality.

Proven To Work

We partnered with a medical imaging startup to measure post shave irritation and the Henson razor showed a statistically significant improvement in post shave irritation compared to a leading cartridge razor.


Machined from all metal, and including no plastic in the package, the Henson removes the plastic waste from what for many is a daily activity.

The Henson has over 8000 5-Star Reviews from our D2C customers with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.
We were looking for a thoughtful, luxury amenity to provide to our guests. The Henson razor, engraved with our logo, was the perfect personalized gift for a take home memory of a stay at Bobby.
Michael Scandariato - General Manager, Bobby Hotel
"After struggling for years with a myriad of store-bought brands; the search is finally over. I have found the perfect, effortless clean shave with Henson."
James McGin, Hotel Manager, The Lake House on Canandaigua
Key Features:
Clamping Force

Rather than a gentle bend across the entire length of the blade, the head of the Henson torques the blades as close to the edges as possible to maximize the rigidity of the blade. Rigid blades shave better and cause less irritation.

Free End Length

Think of a diving board. The longer the board is, the more flex it has. A razor blade is no different. We support the blade as close to the cutting edge as possible, reducing any flex the blade can experience during a shave.


If the blade isn't held in the exact same spot every time you shave, you greatly increase the odds of something going wrong during a shave, so the Henson is machined with tight positional and dimensional tolerances ensuring a repeatable and safe shave.

Built In Angle

Finding the right angle is easy with the Henson. We built a fixed 30 degree angle right into the razor. This makes picking up and using a Henson a breeze whether you're shaving your face, head or body.

Henson Makes Sense.

Un-compromising in quality.

Machined in Canada.

A lifetime reminder of their stay.

It's plastic free.

David Thornton
Tel: 226 989 3246

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