Henson Ti22
Henson Ti22
Henson Ti22
Henson Ti22
Henson Ti22

Henson Ti22

$249.99 USD
110 reviews
Color : Titanium
Aggression Level : Mild

Made of Grade 5 Titanium, it is lighter than steel but also stronger. The skill and experience required to machine an exotic metal like Titanium to the tolerances Henson demands makes a razor like this a very rare commodity.

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The Henson Ti22

Grade 5 titanium.

The Henson Ti22 is painstakingly machined from grade 5 titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) and comes in at double the weight of the Henson AL13.

Ti22 Held In Hand

Same great shave, exotic metal.

Titanium is an exotic metal known for its strength and durability. This makes the Ti22 a truly "buy it for life" safety razor. And with the rave reviews our razors already get, you know you're buying something of exceptional quality and performance.

Ti22 Disassembled

Nitronic 60 threads.

Titanium threads have a higher likelihood to bind or gall, so we made the extra effort to machine Nitronic 60 stainless steel threaded inserts that make for a better feel when tightening and loosening the handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ti22 does not qualify for our 100-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and therefore is final sale. Our Lifetime Warranty will still apply for manufacturer defects.

The design of both razors is the same, the only difference being the metal used and aggressions offered.

The AL13 is made of anodized aluminum and weighs 1.3oz. It is offered in both regular/mild and medium aggression. It is not offered in an aggressive form.

The Ti22 razor is made of bare titanium and weighs 2.7oz. It is offered in regular/mild, medium and an aggressive option.

The aggressions of the AL13 and Ti22 are comparable, outside of the aggressive option, which is exclusive to the Ti22.

The Ti22 comes in 3 aggressions: mild/regular, medium and aggressive. These aggressions are the same in blade gap and extension to our AL13 razor.

Mild - Extension: 0.0013" - Blade Gap: 0.027"
Medium - Extension: 0.0023" - Blade Gap: 0.033"
Aggressive - Extension: 0.0045" - Blade Gap: 0.039"

Please allow approximately 1 week for order processing and shipment. When your order ships, you will receive confirmation and tracking via email or SMS.

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William W.
United States
I recommend this product

Closeness of a safety razor, ease of a cartridge razor.

This blade holder lets me use the razors I like but has made it very hard to nick and cut myself. It makes my close share just as safe as a cartridge razor. Do yourself a favor and buy one, it's worth every cent.

Andrew W.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product

The best razor in the world just got (a bit) better.

I already have Mild and Medium Titanium Hensons and consider them to be the best DE razors on the market, so I was curious to try out the version 2 models, with their collection of subtle improvements. The altered lather channels and clear lather slots make the head much easier to clean, and the indented ends and rounded edges make it easier to handle and to fit and remove blades. The novelty handle has been very slightly widened in places, but is still best discarded and replaced with something with proper non-slip knurling on it. (Note to designers - bigger doesn't mean grippier.) Taken together, the changes represent a worthwhile improvement over the original versions, and in my opinion justify replacing them with the new models. As noted in many online blog sites, the curious thing about the new ones is that they seem to be slightly more efficient than the mark 1 versions. I have certainly found this, and although it may just be a subjective impression, I suspect it is something to do with the imperceptibly changed shaving angle. Whatever, the Ti22 Mild is still my favourite razor, and exquisite machining and thoughtful design keeps it right up there at the top as far as I am concerned. Brilliant stuff.

Henson Shaving Henson Ti22 Review
Rick J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product


I have sensitive skin, light fair hair, and shave my entire head on average about once per week. Originally I purchased the Al mild and medium. After around a month deliberating, I decided on the mild: the medium irritated my skin a little; nicked occasionally; and the mild's just efficient enough to shave once per week, only just. Caring for my skin's my priority though and the mild Henson's easily the best I've experienced. However, I wanted better durability and a bit more heft, so I sprung for the Ti. I think of these razors as the Apple of the shaving world. The design and quality is excellent. But, the Ti is definitely the more premium option, both visually and the way it feels in the hand. The downsides of the Ti, for me, are that: it doesn't heat up and warm your face as well as the Al; it's considerably more expensive. Overall though, I'd choose the Ti again. It's quite wonderful. Thanks, Henson.

Alan F.
United States United States
I recommend this product


This is my second Ti22 razor… I am a big fan. Precision fit and finish and a perfect weight - this razor is a joy to handle and supports a double edge blade with no room for wobble or chatter while shaving. I own the medium and mild version which, when loaded with a sharp blade (I use Feather blades) shave very close for daily or every other day use on my beard. Highly recommended.

Robert P.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I own several safety razors. This is the Ferrari of them all. Fit and finish and weight distribution is amazing.

Marc H.
Switzerland Switzerland
I recommend this product

Like a expensive cartridge razor but better

The feeling is similar to a cartridge razor but with a bit more feeling of how the hair is cut. It also depends on which blades I use (feather is my personal favorite). I don't use razors every day, I often trim with a machine. Therefore the hairs I cut without trimming first, are sometimes 5mm long. This razor does not clogg! even with much longer hair on the body! it's the absolute best. Since one blade is more cheap than a cartridge I easily can change it more often without feeling guilty. Therefore the blade is always much more fresh and especially if I did not use it for some time I just change it. I use it for face, chest, armpits (careful there) and intimate zone (always changing the blade with no hard feelings). I get less irritation (actually non) compared to cartridge razors and no grown in hairs. Thank you Henson My Type: Male, Age 31, European thick brown-black hair, white skin easily getin grown in hairs.

Mehrzad M.
United States United States
I recommend this product


good clamping of blade and smooth shave