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Titanium [Ti22]


Titanium [Ti22]

Titanium [Ti22]

$249.99 USD

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The Henson Titanium Ti22 Razor is a Titanium razor that puts luxury within your reach. The skill and experience required to machine an exotic metal like Titanium to the tolerances Henson demands makes a razor like this a very rare commodity. Coming in at twice the strength of steel but half the weight, the Henson Ti22 will add a sense of refined elegance to your morning shave.
Gunmetal Grey
Solar Gold
Proudly designed, manufactured, and packaged in Canada.
Lifetime Warranty - pass it down from generation to generation.
Save The Environment - stop using plastc razors, use metal!

The Henson Titanium Razor
is a precision-made work of art.

At 2.7 oz, this razor feels nimble yet purposeful.

Precision - Eliminate the Chatter.

Manufactured with the same process and in the same facility as satellite components for the Mars Rover and International Space station, this razor is designed with extreme precision in mind.

Where the other guys have to build in allowances for their imperfections, Henson Shaving required perfect tolerances to the ten thousandths of an inch.

This means your blade sits straight every time and the blade support creates the most minimal blade exposure on the market.

Minimal blade exposure means no vibration in the blade (or chatter). Chatter is what causes razor burn and in-grown hairs.

Value - Don’t Spend. Invest.

Investing in a Henson Ti22 means you're buying something that will last generations.  Titanium is an exotic metal known for it's durability and that makes the Ti22 a truly "buy it for life" safety razor.  And with the rave reviews our razors already get, you know you're buying something of exceptional quality and performance.

Environmental Impact - Look to the Future.

More than 2 Billion disposable Razor and cartridges reach the landfill every year. With a Safety Razor, your razor blades can be recycled at most metal recycling depots and they may even give you a little cash back for the material.

In conclusion...

We expect this razor to be drama free, cut noticeably better, and cost significantly less than what you are currently using now. Girls & Guys alike. Period.