Henson AL13 in Aircraft Aluminum
Henson AL13 in Aircraft Aluminum
Henson AL13 in Aircraft Aluminum
Henson AL13 in Aircraft Aluminum
Henson AL13 in Aircraft Aluminum

Henson AL13

Color: Aircraft Aluminum

Comes with 5 free blades

The Henson AL13 puts an end to shaving irritation and cuts, while also making your skin feel comfortable and smooth. We created this to give you a whole new shaving experience unlike any other. Your skin will feel amazing after using this razor. 


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• Canada and USA: Orders on average take 5* business days to be delivered.
• International: Orders on average take 16-21* business days to be delivered.

*Delivery time is based on the past 2 weeks delivery data. We do our best to provide the most accurate processing and shipping estimates possible. However, they are estimates and not guarantees. They may vary due to high volumes of orders, unforeseen delays on the couriers, and busy holiday seasons.

Proudly designed, manufactured, and packaged in Canada.

Lifetime Warranty - pass it down from generation to generation.

Save The Environment - stop using plastic razors, use metal!

Henson AL13 in Aircraft Aluminum

Shaving is a geometry problem.

Don't worry, we've done the math so you don't have to.

With a blade that only sticks out roughly half the thickness of a human hair (0.0013" or 33 microns), this razor eliminates all the unnecessary blade exposure. We've also incorporated the optimum shaving angle into the head design. By focusing on repeatability, we've virtually eliminated any learning curve associated with this razor. People used to using a multi-blade cartridge razor will be surprised how easy the transition is.

Henson AL13 in Tan

We want the best razor, not the best razor business.
Lifetime Warranty

Henson razors are machined to last. Buy once, use forever, and pass it down from generation to generation.

No Planned Obsolescence

Our razor works with any standard double edge blade you can buy almost anywhere - local supermarkets, shaving shops or online. No subscriptions. No proprietary blades.

Much Cheaper to Own

With blades that cost pennies, most people will spend $2-3 per year on blades.

Henson AL13 in

Environmental Impact
A sustainable shave.

More than 2 Billion disposable Razor and cartridges reach the landfill every year. With a Henson Razor, your razor blades can be recycled at most metal recycling depots. All aspects of Henson packaging are 100% plastic-free for a low carbon footprint from our factory in Canada to your door.

"Switched from cartridge razors after 15 years, and after some research decided to go with the AL13. I’ve had the best shaves of my life with no irritation, and actually enjoy shaving now."

Colin P.
Henson AL13

"Switched from cartridge razors after 15 years, and after some research decided to go with the AL13. I’ve had the best shaves of my life with no irritation, and actually enjoy shaving now."

Colin P.
Henson AL13
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as the name suggests, safety razors are safe. Most users will find that in comparison to a cartridge razor, they experience far fewer nicks and ingrown hairs, and less irritation.

A 5 pack of RK Stainless double-edged razor blades are included with every purchase. This will provide the average shaver with 1-2 months of precision shaves. You also have the option of purchasing a pack of 100 blades which will last approx. 2-3 years for the average shaver. After that, razor blades can be purchased in many locations such as the retailers found in our International Retailers section.

Our Razors are fully designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged in Canada.

First, it's precision. By CNC machining our Henson razors (as opposed to molding or casting), and anodizing them for protection (as opposed to painting or plating), we are able to target and maintain specific sizes and reduce the necessary allowance so that critical features of our razors are kept consistent within a thousandth of an inch. This ensures a straight and consistently loaded blade every time, meaning that the blade is presented to your skin the same every shave!

Second, it’s the shortest blade extension on the market. Shorter blade extension means less vibration in the blade (chatter). Less chatter means less irritation and a better shave every time.

The only differences between the Henson AL13 and the Henson AL13 - Medium are the blade gap and blade exposure. These measurements are two major factors in controlling the "aggressiveness" of the shave. For finer hair and shaving areas other than the face, a milder razor is generally desired. For coarser hair, the aggression of our Medium razor may be more suitable.

Technical Details

AL13 - .68 mm [.027”] Blade Gap and .033 mm [.0013"] Blade Exposure
AL13 - Medium - .85 mm [.033”] Blade Gap and .058 mm [.0023”] Blade Exposure

You can find the Henson AL13 Medium here .

More Razors
The Henson AL13-M

The AL13 Medium is identical to our best selling mild razor but with a wider blade gap and exposure for a more aggressive shave. Effortlessly glides through longer, thicker hair. The perfect unisex razor available in the full range of signature Henson colors.

Discover the Henson AL13-M
The Henson Ti22

Made of Grade 5 Titanium, it is lighter than steel but also stronger. The skill and experience required to machine an exotic metal like Titanium to the tolerances Henson demands makes a razor like this a very rare commodity.

Discover the Henson Ti22
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William H.
I recommend this product

Well Crafted Razor

The A13-M was perfect for me. The razor cuts well w/o burn or irritation. The Henson is ideal for the 1st timer , or decades old user of DB shavers. Smooth, efficient unit. A-1

Warren L.
United StatesUnited States
I recommend this product

Not just right for me

The razor is beautifully designed and manufactured. It is a work of art no less. However, my skin appears to be too sensitive to use it, even though I tried several foams and gels. I contacted Henson and they immediately offered a refund. Nice product, great company. I recommend the razor if you can use it without irritation.

A I.
I recommend this product

It’s Ok

Didn’t really notice a significant difference from other similar shavers in the market…I am not really getting the claimed smooth shavers and no cuts.

Sydney V.
United StatesUnited States
I recommend this product

I am Impressed

this razor with physics that actually make the blade work to its best extent is the best of the several I have tried. I'm hooked and bought a second one for my son to use....Extremely happy and without a nick or cut in weeks which is amazing!

Chloe R.
United StatesUnited States
I recommend this product

Oh wow…

"Oh wow" is what came to mind when I tried this razor for the first time. I'm gonna sound like a shill, but this really is the best razor I've ever used haha. I've heard of safety razors before, of course, but always assumed that they were a little risky. Modern razors, after all, have plastic housings to protect your skin from the blade. I'd always assumed they'd provide a poor shave, since they don't have multiple blades to really get close. I'd always assumed this century-old shaving "tech" was outdated and was therefore replaced by more functional modern razors. I was completely wrong. The Henson shaver glides smoothly over my skin, provides a remarkably close shave that's easily equal to my old five-bladed razor, hasn't cut me yet (in only two weeks tho, but so far feels very secure), and works extremely well overall. I'm even comfortable shaving my "lady bits" with it. I'm starting to think that all the talk about "the shaving industry lies about their quality in order to perpetually sell you expensive razor heads" wasn't just BS after all. The jury is still out on its effectiveness in reducing ingrown hairs, which have always been a problem for me, but so far I've been extremely impressed with its performance. The razor feels good in the hand, is lightweight but doesn't seem cheap (it's not, lol), and the machining is clearly high quality - the handle screws into the head like butter. Easy to hold, easy to rinse, easy to replace the blades (tho you gotta be a bit more careful)... it's a really nice unit. Call me a safety razor convert. I'll recommend this shaver to anyone. Special shoutout to Joe Scott's YouTube channel's sponsored segment that led me to Henson.

jeff h.
United StatesUnited States
I recommend this product

Great shave, great system.

I have been very happy with this razor. The blade refills are inexpensive and efficient. They're always sharp and deliver a great shave. I use a fresh blad each week. the single blade straight razor is much better on my ski. Using this razor takes a bit of practice and a few more minutes.

Ross C.
United StatesUnited States
I recommend this product

Skin cleared right up

I will never use another razor again.