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Why Joe Scott loves Henson

"The Henson razor is less expensive, you get a better shave and it's more sustainable....and I just think it's kinda cool"

Proudly designed, manufactured, and packaged in Canada.
Lifetime Warranty - Pass it down from generation to generation.
Save The Environment - Stop using plastic razors, use metal!

Precision Matters

Using standard double-edge blades that cost 12 cents each, we set out to prove it's not about the number of blades -- it's about how accurately you hold the blade in place.

Blade Support

Many safety and cartridge razors are made with geometry that allows the blades to bend or flex. It's that flex that can pull your hair or scrape your skin, which may lead to irritation.

Our razor is designed and built to hold the blade firmly in place to virtually eliminate this flexing.

This is influential in what gives you an absolutely smooth and pleasant shave.

No Clogging

The unique head design includes exit channels designed to easily expel hair and shaving cream to ensure a clean shaving path for the blade.


Featuring an all metal construction, machined from aerospace grade aluminum, your Henson will last a lifetime.

The replaceable blades are 100% recyclable.

Save Money

Once you own a Henson, shaving will only cost about $6 a year.

Less than half the cost of 1 month of a subscription club.

Less than half the cost of a 4-pack of multi-blade cartridges.

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