Henson Shaving Announces Exclusive Partnership with RK Blades

KITCHENER 1/25/22---Henson Shaving, an upstart maker of sustainable safety razors, today announced an exclusive partnership with RKRM International Products Pvt. Ltd., the maker of RK double-edged razor blades. The agreement includes both exclusive distribution rights of RK blades in the North American market, as well as a new version of the blade built specifically for use with the Henson AL13 and Ti22 razors.

“We are so excited to be able to continue to push the boundaries of how shaving should feel, by augmenting our current razor with the use of RK Blades,” said Henson CEO Daniel Jantzi. “The quality of the blades is exceptional and when paired with the precision of our razors, the shave experience is tremendous.”

Henson will begin selling RK blades directly to consumers via their website immediately, and will be launching them on Amazon before the end of Q1. They expect additional retailers and distributors to come online in the coming months. While RK have tailored the spec of their blade to meet the tight tolerances of the Henson razors, they expect this blade to work well with any safety razor using standard double-edged blades.

“I’ve been producing DE blades for almost 40 years and never in this time have I experienced a shave as smooth and comfortable as when I placed my RK blade in the Henson AL13 razor,” said Rocky Malhotra, Chairman of RKRM International. “I can’t think of a better strategic partner for RK to enter into the North American market with, than Henson Shaving.”

Henson plans on shipping 5 RK Blades included with each razor sold, and will additionally sell packs of 100 blades on their website for $9.99 USD. While Henson strongly recommends the use of RK blades with their razors, other standard DE blades may be used if preferred. Built for use by both men and women, the Henson AL13 is available at hensonshaving.com for $69.99 USD.

About Henson Shaving

Established in 2020, Henson Shaving makes one of the world’s best made razors at an aerospace machine shop in Ontario, Canada. Their razors are plastic-free and meant to last decades, greatly reducing waste when compared to other shaving products. There are no subscriptions and the blades are 10 cents each, leading to an incredibly cost-effective way to shave.

About RK Blades

RK Blades was founded in 2018. The team driving RK today, is the original team that had built up the Supermax brand, over three decades, to become the largest razor blade manufacturer in the world (by unit volume). The RK team, collectively, have many decades of experience in the shaving industry.

In four short years, RK has become one of the leading brands in the Indian subcontinent (the world’s largest Double Edge Blade market). RK is sold to over 40 countries and is the fastest growing razor blade in the world today. RK owes its success to the competence, experience and passion for quality that is the central mantra of its leadership team.

RK is proud of its association with Henson Shaving, and is looking forward to a mutually sustained partnership.