Line drawing of the Henson AL13

The Hypothesis
A Rigid, Precisely Controlled Blade Should Reduce Irritation

Years of experience machining parts in the aerospace industry has taught us that rigid, well supported cutting tools tend to cut better than tools that flex and bend.

We wanted to try making a razor that focused on blade rigidity, as well as a precisely controlled blade position, which we hoped would allow for a smoother, more consistent shave.

A participant being imaged after the shave.

The Test
Looking Under The Skin

Customers have told us the Henson feels smoother, but we needed to know for sure, so we partnered with a medical imaging startup out of Toronto to compare the Henson to a leading multi-blade razor. 

Sixty volunteers shaved one side of their face or neck with a Henson razor and the other side with a leading multi-blade razor.  They looked under the skin to measure any increase in irritation response.

Results from the experiment

The Result
Less Irritation

The camera used for the test detects blood flow in the skin, the more damage caused to the skin, the more blood your body will send to the area to help repair it

In these comparison images, the coloured area represents where the participants shaved. The cooler colours represent little to no increase in blood flow and the warmer colours represent increased blood flow to the area.

Simply put: green means less irritation, red means more irritation.

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Our Claim:

"A statistically significant improvement in post shave erythema (razor burn) was observed for people using the Henson AL13 compared to a multi-blade razor."
What our customers have to say with over 10,000 reviews
This is the best shaver I have used. I have sensitive skin and have struggled with safety razors in the past. The Henson gets it right. Smooth shave no cuts and no irritation.
Thomas B.
Amazing. It's like shaving with a spoon--so smooth. The engineering is remarkable because I don't get razor burn like I would with other razors.
Steve W.
Feels great! No more razor burn and ingrown hairs with these 5 bladed razors.
Will S.
Since the first shave with this razor, I've had no razor burn. It's simple to set up. I've had no cuts, nicks, or bumps. I recommend this to everyone. I'll never go back to cartridges.
Sean D.
This is only product I can think of ever buying that actually does what it says it does. It really is amazing. It gives a great shave with very few nicks or cuts. And ... NO RAZOR BURN. I don't know how that's possible, but it is.
Matt B.
Terrific close shave without all the razor burn. Took about a week to get used to it and now it is something I look forward to instead of avoiding!
Martin A.
A Razor That Makes Sense

No Plastic
No more throwing out cartridges or entire razors. The Henson is machined from metal and uses fully recyclable blades.

Lifetime Warranty
Machined at our facility in Ontario, Canada, every Henson is sold with a lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects.

100-Day Guarantee
Give it a try, you can take your time and make sure you love your Henson.

Lives Up To Claims
We want to restore your confidence in shaving and shaving companies

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