Breakup with your razor

It's not you, it's them.

The shaving industry feels broken

Rather than focusing on enhancing razors with technological advancements, the industry prioritizes profitability. The standard business model relies on continued purchasing of replacement cartridges. There's no incentive to improve the safety, usability or durability of razors, so they advertise more blades and products to address the symptoms of poor design.

You've been burned before.

By cheaply made razors with loose grip blades creating friction that leads to razor burn, irritation, ingrown hairs, and visible bumps. You (and your skin) deserve better

Built to Last...

We've modernized the classic safety razor with a firm grip close to the edge of the blade that maintains rigidity, offering smooth, irritation-free shaves.

Less Waste

Our razor handles are durable, sustainable, and built to last a lifetime, with metal blades that are 100% recyclable and cost just 10 cents to replace.

Function First

Every aspect of the Henson razor is chosen for the function of how a razor should work and what the experience should be.

Razor Image

A razor made for every body.

The idea that a razor should be different for men and women is a marketing gimmick. Our customers experience the same results regardless of their gender. Quality for all. No upcharge, no pink tax.

We let our results (and our customers) do the talking

"I've been using my Henson Razor for a while now, and I must say that this is the closest shave I've had! I am notorious for nicking my ankles and am always very cautious around those areas. I haven't cut myself and feel really safe while using. It's sleek and really easy to change out blades. I've finally found the rasor for me! Thanks, Henson!" - Jessalyn S.

"This is only product I can think of ever buying that actually does what it says it does. It really is amazing. It gives a great shave with very few nicks or cuts. And ... NO RAZOR BURN. I don't know how that's possible, but it is." - Matt B.

"Have not cut myself yet so very good experience. :D Works much better than a cartridge" - Renee T.

"I was using a 'regular' safety razor for a while...I thought this razor from Henson would be better, but boy I was blown away with how much easier it was to use. I even let my wife try it on her legs and such, and it worked well for that, so I'll be ordering another one for her." - Eric G.

Your forever razor.

The initial cost of a Henson is a one time cost. Once you own the razor, for the rest of your life you will pay roughly $3 PER YEAR to shave. Imagine only purchasing a single cartridge replacement per year, that's how affordable shaving could be.

Get off the hamster wheel of mediocrity, and get your forever razor today.