Five reasons to try wet shaving

A woman wet shaving her underarm and a man wet shaving his head.

At this very moment, in almost every home, you’ll find a razor. It might be a cartridge razor with five blades sitting in a cabinet, a disposable razor in the shower, or an electric razor charging by the sink. No matter which one you have, you’re probably still looking for something that gives you not only a better shave — but a better shaving experience.

The modern razor with disposable blades is a relatively new technology. Before World War I, men wanting a clean shave meant having access to a trained barber with a straight-edge razor. We’ve all asked a buddy or partner to shave the back of our necks at one time, but using a straight edge was definitely not something the average man would try at home.

That all changed after soldiers returned home after World War I. Having a clean shave was a daily requirement when soldiers needed to put on protective gas masks during chemical attacks during the war. Safety razors with disposable blades became part of the battlefield kit — and made their way into American bathrooms after the war.

We’re going to five blades

Fast forward to the 1960s, and the disposable safety razor gives way to the cartridge razor. Whether it’s an all-in-one handle and blade or disposable cartridges, these are the razors you’ll find today on drug store shelves delivered to mailboxes on a subscription.

They do a decent job — but are they better than safety razors?

Misconception 1: Cartridges save time

You just click in a new razor and start having, right? The same goes for safety razor blades. Changing your safety razor blade is as easy as unscrewing the razor’s head, taking out the used blade, popping in a new blade, and screwing the head back on the handle.

Misconception 2: Cartridges are safer

A bare blade can seem intimidating at first, but there’s a reason they’re called safety razors. Handling safety razor blades is as safe as using cartridge blades. Blades are typically available in packs of five to ten blades. Each blade is wrapped to keep the sharp sides from being exposed — plus, many of the blade packs come with built-in spots for used blades. No muss, no fuss, no cuts.

Misconception 3: Safety razors cost more

Safety razor handles are often more expensive than cartridge handles — but they’re also an investment. The cost savings come from the blades. Eight blade cartridges for $25 to $30? Monthly subscription for $15. The average person spends over $100 every year on replacement cartridges. Add in the environmental impact and the cost is even higher. Once you’ve got a safety razor you love (like the Henson AL13), shaving with a safety razor can be as inexpensive as $2 to $4 a year, depending on the blades you choose.

Man shaving his face with the Henson AL13

Five reasons you should try a safety razor

#1. Shaving should be something you enjoy

You might shave every day or once a month, depending on your facial and body hair. But no matter how often we shave, it’s an activity that many of us avoid as much as possible. But shaving should be a grooming activity you look forward to. This goes for men and women — whether it’s legs or faces — shaving can be a great experience when using proper shaving soap and a blade that removes hair while not irritating your skin.

#2. Try different blades to find what works for you

The beauty of safety razors is that you’re not locked into one razor blade type for the handle you have. Hundreds of different razor blades are available for safety razors — from major manufacturers like Gillette to smaller companies like Life Unpacked.

#3. Safety razors are a tradition

We all learned how to shave from someone — a brother, a sister, or a parent. Using a safety razor can be an opportunity to pass on a tradition to someone in your life. It’s a chance to start a new shaver off on the right path to enjoying shaving instead of years of nicks, cuts, irritated skin, and expensive cartridges.

#4. Cost and environmental savings

We talked about this misconception earlier — that safety razors are expensive. Investing in a quality handle like our Henson AL13 sets you up for a lifetime of savings with blades as low as 10 cents. There’s also more packaging that ends up in your trash can — from the envelope your subscription blades come in to the plastic and cardboard from store-bought blades.

#5. Simply a better shave

We created the Henson AL13 because we knew shaving could be better. The AL13 will make you rethink how shaving should feel. From its precision design to aerospace-grade aluminum, we’ve designed a safety razor handle that delivers a close shave with no irritation. Add in a great shaving soap, and you’ll understand what we mean when we say shaving can be smooth and effortless.

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