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The Henson razor is machined to exacting aerospace standards at our facility where we've been making complex satellite components for over 20 years. 

A Function First Approach To Shaving.

These days, it feels like many product design choices (especially around shaving) are made from a profit first position.

However at Henson, every aspect of our design is chosen because we felt it was the best for the function of shaving. Not for profit.

We then leveraged our 20+ years of aerospace machining experience to make it.

Every aspect of the Henson AL13 design is chosen because we felt it was the best to give a smooth, safe shave.
Key Features:
Clamping Force

Rather than a gradual bend across the entire width of the blade, the head of the Henson creates a focused bend close to the blade’s edge to maximize the rigidity of the blade. Rigid blades shave better and cause less irritation.

Free End Length

Think of a diving board. The longer the board is, the more flex it has. A razor blade is no different. We support the blade as close to the cutting edge as possible, reducing any flex the blade can experience during a shave.


If the blade isn't held in the exact same spot every time you shave, you greatly increase the odds of something going wrong during a shave, so the Henson is machined with tight positional and dimensional tolerances ensuring a repeatable and safe shave.

Built In Angle

Finding the right angle is easy with the Henson. We built a fixed 30 degree angle in for you. This makes picking up and using a Henson a breeze whether you're shaving your face, head or body.

Wide Open Channels

The wide open channels let shaving creams and hair easily rinse from the razor head. Don't fight with a clogged razor.

Nitronic 60 Bushing

The stainless steel bushing pressed into the razor head gives the handle a clear stopping point when closing the razor, and reduces binding when loosening the handle. It just feels better.

The Results?

We quickly found from customer feedback that the razor performed in a way other razors didn't.

They remarked at how their skin was clearing up after years of irritation.

They stopped getting ingrown hairs.

They weren't embarrassed by the visible bumps and irritation caused by shaving.

Shaving had finally become something they enjoyed doing, rather than the (often painful) thing they had to do.

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Customer Experiences with Henson.

Wallet Friendly Too.

The initial cost of the Henson is a one time cost. But once you own the razor, for the rest of your life you will pay roughly $3 PER YEAR to shave.

That's the cost of a single disposable cartridge head and compared to a subscription will save you thousands of dollars over your life time.

You can expect a 100 pack of blades to last roughly 3 years.

Henson Makes Sense.

It's un-compromising in quality.
It doesn't lock you into proprietary systems.
It's been shown to cause less irritation.

It's better for your skin.

You want a better shave. The Henson is the razor that will give it to you.

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